2022 New Year's Eve Party Ideas

NYE Ideas

Easy New Year's Day Brunch Ideas

By Jessica Hill

I can’t think of the last time the world has been more ready for a new year to begin! Celebrate new beginnings with your loved one

Celebrate New Year's Eve with a Spirited Dinner Party

By Michelle Olson-Rogers

Who is 100% done with 2020? *Raises hand* Typically, we ring in the New Year at our house with a big family-friendly bash with all

Glamorous New Year's Eve Balloon Garland DIY

By Bianca Octavia

Most of us may be indoors this year for New Year’s Eve, but we can still bring the party home with a blinged out glamourous balloo

5 Ways to Make Your NYE Party a Modern Affair

Geometric patterns, tiaras, champagne towers—there’s so many ways to make your New Year's Eve a thoroughly modern masterpiec

White and Gold New Year's Eve Ideas

Get your glitz and glam on with a trendy white and gold color scheme! This classy color pairing gives your New Year’s Eve party a

9 New Year's Eve Cocktail Ideas

Make it memorable with recipes for colorful and creative cocktails for your New Year's bash!

5 New Year's Eve Champagne Ideas

Build your own 1920's-style bubbly bar! Explore ritzy New Year’s Eve drink recipes and glamorous ways to serve them.

11 Elegant New Year's Eve Party Ideas

An impressive champagne tower and more glam ideas in black, silver and gold! Out with the old and in with the bubbly.

New Year's Eve Masquerade Party Ideas

Put on the glitz with mysterious masks and dramatic decor inspiration!

This NYE Party is Inspired by a Starry Midnight Sky

Deep shades of blue meet mixed metallics for a swoon-worthy New Year's Eve.

8 Ways to Start Your New Year on the *Bright* Foot

Wow partygoers with a jewel-toned celebration! Start the year on the bright foot and host a New Year's Eve affair that will keep t

Shine Bright in the New Year with the Iridescent Trend

If you want your party to look like the inside of a disco ball, get your dancing shoes ready: this party is giving out seriously s