Halloween Ideas

We *witch* you a happy Halloween!  Our devilish tricks for Halloween decorating will make your house stand out. For the big night, find the best 2021 Halloween ideas for kids, adults and groups. Do you DIY? We have easy cute, scary and cool Halloween ideas that you can add your unique flair, or scare, to! 

New Halloween Trends to Try

The Haunt Must Go On: How to Trick-or-Treat Safely

Halloween will be different this year but it's not cancelled. Find out how to trick-or-treat safely and check out more fun ways to

Video: DIY Halloween Candy Chute

Traditional trick-or-treating may not be an option this year,but a Halloween candy chute is just what you need to save All Hallow'

6 Outdoor Halloween Decoration Tour Ideas

If you revel in all things Halloween, make the decoration tour part of your Halloween traditions. Here are six ideas to inspire yo

10 Cute Spooky Basket Ideas for Halloween

Spooky baskets are a fun gift to help you and your loved ones get into theHalloweenspirit.

Trick-or-Treat Alternatives

7 Fun Ways to Trick-or-Treat

The fun of trick-or-treating doesn’t have to include just knocking on doors anymore. Families and communities are getting creative

8 You've Been Booed Gift Ideas

Booing and Ghosting is a growing activity that allows Boo-ers to share the fun and excitement of Halloween with your neighbors.

How to Trunk-or-Treat

By Tovah Novak

Learn howto trunk-or-treat like a pro! Decorate your trunk with your favorite Halloween decor and watch your kids enjoy the Hallow

22 Trunk-or-Treat Ideas That Rev up Halloween Fun

Our decorating ideas make it easy to trick out your car for trunk-or-treat, a popular Halloween activity that puts a spin on the t

100+ Halloween Decoration Ideas


7 Halloween Door Decorating Ideas That Are Too Cute to Spook

Dress up your front door for trick-or-treaters with 7 DIY Halloween door decorating ideas!

12 Best Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Your house will be the talk of the block with giant eight-legged crawlers of every size, tombstones lining the lawn, or cute porch

15 Unique Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

Home sweet haunted home! Get tips and tricks for decorating indoors whether you're creating a haunted house, choosing decor for a

Spooky Indoor Decoration Ideas

Nothing screams spooky like a haunted mantel or fireplace. Add all the spooky décor for a haunting touch.

Halloween Party Ideas


How to Throw a Virtual Halloween Party

By Amanda Dover

Coronavirus may still be circulating but it doesn't have to throw a wrench in your Halloween plans.Find out how to throw avirtual

Slasher Party Ideas

By Tonya Staab

This Slasher-themed party table is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween at home. It’s quick and easy to put together and the who

40 Kids Halloween Party Ideas

Want the recipe for a bewitchin’ Halloween class party or a pre trick-or-treat bash at your home? Keep reading: spooky good times

Video: 5 Halloween Hacks in Under 5 Minutes

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All you need is a few fun items from Party City to make these spooktacular treats and decorations for your home this Halloween. Th

Halloween Costume Ideas


27 Best Group Costume Ideas

Dress to impress without stress! Whether you and your friends are more into classic characters or all about trendy shows, slay you

Dynamic Duos: 25 Best Friend Halloween Costumes

Two-person costumesare perfect for couples who want to be obnoxiously cute or best friends who want to remind everyone why they’re

27 Family Costume Ideas

Get ideas for your next family Halloween costumes with themes like super-family, animated classics, and pop culture icons.

13 DIY Costume Ideas

These colorful combos will give you the inspo you need to create a Halloween costume that lets you be you.

Halloween Makeup Ideas


Chucky Makeup Tutorial

Get all dolled up for Halloween as everyone’s favorite pint-sized protagonist.

Gen Z Rapper Tattoo How-To

Make your mark on the world (and your face) by becoming a tattooed singing superstar!

Butterfly Lashes Makeup Tutorial

Take flight as a beautiful butterfly. Transform yourself into this dazzling creature without using a cocoon.

Tiger Makeup Tutorial

The big cat’s out of the bag because we’re going to show you the secret of how to unleash your inner tiger with this fun and easy