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Horeca equipment

HoReCa accessories

We take care of your employees to look at the highest level, using the highest quality, comfortable and elegant uniforms.

The people your customers first come in contact with are employees, which is why they need to be your business card.

Crockery and cutlery

The general appearance of the dishes depends very much on the dishes in which it is served as well as on the whole set of cutlery.

Electric & gas

We have high quality equipment for a successful kitchen, where it is convenient to cook and create the most delicious dishes in a timely manner.

Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture is one of the most practical types of furniture for professional kitchens. You can choose the right size and create magic in your kitchen!

Develop the business regardless of the stage

We help you with FREE consulting, financing sources, equipment and consumables, transport & authorized assembly.