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Furniture accessories

Kitchen accessories / Dressing accessories
Hinges / Furniture body locks / Door locks
Buttons / Edges / Touch-up wax
Hangers / Handles / Cutters
Self-adhesive foil / MetaBox, Tandem and TandemBox Blum
MDF panels / Feet and wheels / Aluminum frames and profiles
Door lifting systems / Electrical systems and decorative elements
Supports and shelving systems

Office furniture

Diversified range of furniture products, of different sizes, colors and aspects.

Restaurant furniture

Pentru clienți este foarte important confortul dar și aspectul restaurantului în care intră. Mobilierul de calitate, îi poate da un aer de lux restaurantului tău!

Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture is intended for catering and sales spaces, the food industry and hotels in particular.

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