DIY Balloon Decoration Kits

Decorating with balloons just got easier! Find balloon decoration kits complete with everything you need to make your own balloon garlands and more.

Create Stunning Balloon Decorations with our DIY Balloon Decoration Kits

We all know it's not a party without balloons and these days big, bold balloon decorations are all the rage. Creating balloon décor may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! With our DIY balloon decoration kits, you'll get all the supplies you need to make your own balloon arches, centerpieces, garlands, columns, and backdrops. Decorating with balloons adds joy to every celebration and our decoration balloon kits make it easy to put together festive balloon décor no matter the occasion.

DIY Balloon Arch Kits
It's easy to transform your party space in a big way with our balloon arch kits! No matter the occasion, a balloon arch is a perfect decoration for entryways, party tables, and photo backdrops. We have kits that include balloons and a balloon arch stand, but you can also get the balloon arch stand by itself and purchase your balloons separately to get a custom look.

DIY Balloon Centerpiece Kits
If you're looking for a creative way to use balloons on your party tables, try a balloon centerpiece! DIY balloon centerpieces require less time to put together than balloon arches, backdrops, or columns, but they add just as much pizazz to your party. Our kits include balloons, balloon centerpiece stands, balloon sticks, balloon weights, and more.

DIY Balloon Garland Kits
Balloon garlands may look intimidating to make but they're a lot easier than you think! In our balloon garland kits you'll find balloons in various sizes and colors, a balloon arch decorating strip, and balloon glue dots to help you create your balloon garland in a few easy steps. Since no helium is needed, you can make balloon garlands the day before your event to save time and make day-of party set up a breeze.

DIY Balloon Column Kits
The balloon column is a classic party decoration that instantly elevates party décor. If you're new to decorating with balloons, a DIY balloon column is the perfect balloon decoration for beginners. In our balloon column kits you'll find a mix of latex and foil balloons and a balloon column stand that's easy to assemble.

DIY Balloon Backdrop Kits 
Every celebration needs a stunning backdrop for photos. Whether for a photobooth or used as a decoration behind a dessert table, it’s got to be jaw-dropping. Balloon walls are very popular to make and our balloon backdrop kits include everything you need to decorate a blank wall with balloons. We also sell balloon backdrop templates so all you have to do is inflate your balloons and stick them on a premade pattern.

Balloon Decoration Tips

  • Use a handheld balloon pump or an electric balloon pump to save time inflating balloons.
  • For air-filled balloon decorations, inflate balloons the day before to make day-of party prep a breeze. 
  •  In warmer conditions, slightly under inflate balloons.
  • In cooler conditions, slightly over inflate balloons.
  • Elevate your balloon design with accessories like faux greenery, garlands, swirl decorations, and more.